Denture Services

We offer same day services: Repair, Reline, Rebase. Contact us for details. 

Dentures explained by Diamond tooth studio in Dr. Burdett Dental Office: Dentures are artificial prosthesis replacing one or more missing teeth. They can be made from plastic or metal. Dentures can either be partial denture replacing some teeth or a full denture replacing all the teeth.

Dentures help in restoring function of the teeth, aesthetics and avoid other teeth from moving. Dentures help to bite and chew properly, therefore avoiding wearing of other teeth. Dentures help in improvingthe appearance of the person.

With technology available now, dentures can be made thin and comfortable to wear, they can also be made in such a way that they appear as natural as your teeth.

If you need any Dentures treatment done at Diamond Tooth Studio, please call Dr. Burdett Dental Clinic in New Westminster to book your Dentures appointment or speak to our Dentist if you have any questions.

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